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At Manaliyange Mahagedara the options are countless and best when it comes to bridal dresses. With all the experiences and skills together Champi Siriwardana can offer you what ever type of wardrobe one is looking for. From Kandian to conventional; Indian to Western; Tamil or Muslim, the options are endless. The experienced designers will always aid the bride on the newest trends in the globe as well as focusing on her needs and requirements. With the best materials available Champi Siriwardana can offer the best bridal dresses for a bride.


One of the main attraction in a bride is her jewelry. No matter how well the bride is dressed according to the tradition and the custom. Jewelry makes the bride complete. That's the main reason why Champi Siriwardana is also dealing with arranging the most suitable jewelries for the bride by focusing on the tradition and the customs. Sri Lanka is a country with diverse cultures and religions hence, the jewelry the bride wears should suit her religion and the culture she fits in. by being in the wedding trade for more than 15 years Champi Siriwardana understands the difference from a conventional bride to a kandian; Indian to a western and offers the best and loveliest options when it comes to bridal jewelry.